Cassowaries are large flightless birds that are native to the tropical rain forests of New Guinea and northeastern Australia. These beautifully colored birds have very large casques on top of their heads which are made of strong keratinous skin. Some say it is used for protection when running through dense forests while others say it aids in receiving low frequency sounds which these birds use to communicate. The cassowary is omnivorous, but their diet primarily consists of mostly fruits. The longevity of a cassowary is usually between 40-50 years and they average about 4-5 ft in height. Cassowaries are the most dangerous bird to both humans and domestic animals. They have 3 toed feet with the middle toe sporting a 5in dagger claw that they use for defense which has been known to cause evisceration in humans and animals. They have very strong legs with the ability to run 31mph and jump 5ft high.

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