Crocodiles are any species belonging to the family crocodylidae. A term loosely referred to the order of crocodilia, which came about 83.5 millions years ago. This includes “the true crocodile” (the Nile crocodile), alligators, caiman, and gharials. Even the word crocodile comes from the Greek word meaning, “lizard from the Nile river”. These biologically complex, large aquatic reptiles can be found in Africa, Asia, Australia and the Americas. Crocodiles are extremely efficient and their physical traits allow them to be expert predators and swimmers. They are what we call ambush predators. Though size varies greatly between the many species, the average size is around 18-21 feet. with a weight of up to 2600 lbs. Crocodiles are known for their incredible jaw strength with which they can exert over 5000 lbs. per square inch. Compare that to the great white shark which can only exert 400 lbs. per square inch and the rottweiler exerting only 335 lbs. per square inch.

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